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The world has been a pretty challenging place to live the last 2 years (for obvious reasons), and there’s also no escaping the recent events occurring in the Ukraine.

With constant 24 hour coverage from the news and social media, it’s easy for anyone to get caught up and descend into a state of worry, panic and anxiety.

While its understandable as we ALL want to live in a beautiful and peaceful world, being in a perpetual cycle of fear and worry will only make you feel helpless.

In these times it’s so beneficial to guide yourself BACK TO YOU and focus on the things YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER. This is where you can start to eliminate negative emotions and back to making progress in life.

With that being said here’s 5 simple things YOU can take control of right away and get yourself back on track!

1. Daily exercise!

Fit and healthy people are not only much more resilient, but exercise makes YOU FEEL GOOD. Make a commitment to do something daily to work on your physical health.

Walking in the park, going to the gym, playing a sport are all worthy examples. It doesn’t have to be “hardcore” every time either. Just be CONSISTENT.

2. Eat good nutritious food!

This ties in with the above but healthy and nutrient dense food helps you focus and gives you more mental clarity than bad foods ever will!

Throw in some quality gut friendly foods like sauerkraut and kombucha too as gut health is closely linked with mental disorders and issues.

3. Limiting social media and news as much as possible!

If you have to use for work purposes that’s understandable, but getting caught up and spending hours scrolling, procrastinating and wasting time will NOT make you feel good!

Put time restraints on your apps, unfollow any time wasting pages and profiles and simply commit to limiting your exposure. With regard to the news you be informed without being inundated.

In other words don’t watch the news 5 times a day when getting the bulletins once a day is all you need to be up to speed.

4. Perform meditation or breath work daily!

Either of these simple habits can dramatically reduce your stress and anxiety levels in a short space of time. 5-10 mins is really enough so there’s no excuse!

A simple breath work session could simply be 5 mins of nasal only breathing, using a 5 second “in and out” cadence. Headphones with calming music can help too.

A simple mediation session can be simply be counting your breaths from 1-10 and repeating for a desired time. When you get distracted by thought you go back to 1 and repeat. Again meditation music and headphones can help.

There’s a lot of information on both these practices which is out the scope of this blog post, just don’t overthink it either and simple sessions can work really well.

5. Commit to developing a skill daily!

This works best if it’s something that will directly enhance your life like a business skill, investment skills or simply personal development.

Start an online class, mini course or simply commit to reading 10 pages a day on the specific topic to you. This small daily practice equates to 3520 pages a year which is around 10 books!

Don’t use lack of time as an excuse if you’re currently spending 2 hours a day scrolling on social media. 10 pages of reading is not a lot of time. Make the commitment to yourself!

So there you have it 5 simple practices that done daily can seriously enhance your mental well-being and get YOU back in control of YOUR LIFE.

“I learned long ago to focus on things you can control and don’t even pay attention to things you don’t” ⁃ Bryan Cranston

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