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The POWER of winning each day!

The POWER of winning each day!

Do you often find yourself procrastinating and failing to get daily tasks done?

In a world of constant distractions (social media, news…) on top of having a busy lifestyle, it’s easy for this to become the norm……

However, if you have a goal to create, build, achieve, learn or simply improve at anything then generating momentum and having continuity is key!

This is where having a daily list of crucial things to “tick off” becomes super important and helps keep you on track and in check. The key is to have a list that’s realistic and attainable for you, YET if those tasks are genuinely done you have moved forward and “won that day”.

There is no need to overcomplicate it and a list of 3-5 things max will work for most people. Just make sure it suits your lifestyle with regards to how busy you are and it genuinely moves you toward your goal……even if it is just a tiny step. Remember don’t overwhelm yourself as daily consistent micro wins soon add up!

Here is just an example list of 3 daily tasks that someone might have when pursuing a fat loss goal:

  1. Walk minimum of 10,000 steps

  2. Log food on the myfitnesspal app eating no more than 1750 calories (hypothetical number….)

  3. Drink minimum of 2.5 litres of water

This person might also go to the gym 3 days a week or play a sport as well, but as long as those simple requirements are hit each day and ticked off, the day is won and they have moved a little closer to their goal.

It has to be said that there will also be a dopamine response (the feel-good hormone) from ticking these off, which will help generate momentum and make you want to keep going. Just write them out each evening/early morning in your diary or calendar and cross them off as they get done.

Understand that there will be days here and there when you might not get them all done. But, just ensure that it's because you are genuinely busy and had a lot going on. If you have spent 3 hours scrolling Instagram and tick tok (not uncommon) and haven’t walked 10,000 steps then this is not an excuse.

So to round it up, if you have a goal decide on a few small daily actions that you can achieve every day that will move you closer to that goal. Write a list out daily, avoid procrastination, get them done, tick them off and BUILD BETTER HABITS IN THE PROCESS!

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