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Is this popular idea in Scandinavia what you are missing in your work week?

Little Saturday's - finding balance in our work week.

I first read about the idea of 'Little Saturday's' in an article on the work life section of the BBC here , and thought this would be a great idea to let our A-TEAM readers (you guys!) to know about it.

The Little Saturday is based around the idea of work life balance, instead of the idea of a Wednesday being the 'Hump day' which is often the way we think about and the negative connotations associated with it, how many of you get to Wednesday and think "Finally! the weekend is close", I know I have.

It is instead a time for a midweek get together with friends or family, maybe sharing a meal at a friend's house and then the next time at a different friends, a catch up for hot drink or a quiet drink with someone, or maybe you take the time out for yourselves and do something else, a long walk by the river or forest with the family and your loved ones.

The basic premise behind it is you break up your week with this 'Mini Saturday' with something that is fun, feels good and for those of us not at University anymore :) fairly low key.

It's about keeping us sane, giving us that permission to enjoy ourselves and have that social contact as human's we need, breaking up our work week and taking the time to reset.

Maybe it's time more of us started having a Little Saturday, we will definitely try this, let us know if you do and tag us @retreats_analog #littlesaturday

Happy New Year

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