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BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM - Getting back to nature

In a 2001 study of Americans spent 87% their time indoors and 6% inside a car; in the UK it’s been noted prisoners spend more time outside than the average child does - This is not healthy.

Spending time in nature, real time not connected to your phone, and taking selfies every five steps, can be an easy way to boost your immune system and improve your health.

As we move out of this lock down, the darker days are behind us and getting outside can be a lot easier, taking the time to get into nature and more specifically the forest, whether it’s beautiful and sunny or a little darker and rainy is important for our wellbeing.

Walking in the forest is a great way of escaping, and even on those wetter days can show you a different side than the sunnier days. Walking through forest tracks can rejuvenate, help you relax and take you away from the stresses we are all under.

The Japanese call it shinrin-yoku translated it means forest bathing or simply - to take in what is around you - as you move through or sit under the canopy of the forest, the scent of the tress and earth, the sounds of the leaves and animals, the light dancing through the branches all act in a way to enhance our well-being.

A number of studies have shown its benefit, and although more study is needed, it’s pretty hard to argue how good you feel when you do it for yourself. Often times we don’t need a study to tell us what’s working, when we can feel the benefits directly..

Some key points for Forest Walking

  • Find some forest areas close to you, often there are some are close by that are a short trip.

  • Leave the phone and camera and headphones at home – you don’t need them, just walk and take in the surroundings around you.

  • Take your time, you aren’t trying to raise your heart rate and get a good sweat up, just relax, walk and enjoy.

  • Go with your loved ones and make it a family outing.

For more on the subject try the book

'Into the Forest: How Trees Can Help you Find Health and Happiness'

by Doctor Qing Li

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